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Prepare to be Booted - to Idyllic Southeast Italy, for a Fantastic Vacation

Prepare to be Booted - to Idyllic Southeast Italy, for a Fantastic Vacation

Italy was a dream come true for me, and I was able to see the country's less-touristy side, which was exactly what I wanted. I slept in a holiday rental home in the city of Avetrana, which is located in the Apulien area, which is also known as the "boot heel" of Italy because of its location in the boot heel region. This was the ideal method for me to immerse myself in the local culture, and the little house in Italy served as a wonderful retreat when I needed to be by myself for a while.

From the rooftop patio of this vacation rental property in Avetrana, which was located in an area known as Urmo Belsito, guests could enjoy a stunning view of the sea. My wonderful Italian home, which was nestled on a tiny hill overlooking the Ionian Sea, was just a few kilometers away from the beach. The open-air balcony not only provided a spectacular view, but it also provided a gentle wind that was refreshing in the hot heat. I took pleasure in the fine sand beaches and crystal clear seas, and when I became weary, I just brushed myself down and returned to my home in the hills.

In addition to the required bathroom and kitchen, this villa in Italy had two bedrooms with additional beds for guests (for a total of up to four people). Although the landscaping was in keeping with the beach town setting, it was the bricked courtyards that were the most inviting for an evening of eating beneath the stars. Featuring all of the essentials as well as enough storage space, this vacation rental house served as an excellent home base for exploring other towns in the vicinity, such as Tarent and Gallipoli. Both cities were within a short driving distance, making it easy to visit and participate in a variety of cultural events.

As I meandered around Avetrana's streets, I came across charming little shops where I discovered some excellent bargains on linens and ceramics as well as a couple of exquisite bottles of wine to take home with me. The experience of shopping for food at the marketplaces was enjoyable. The residents of the village were really nice and welcoming, even asking me, a complete stranger, to join them for supper! My trip to Italy was made worthwhile just by the warmth and generosity of the people I met.

Day travels around the Apulien area to places like Tarent and Gallipoli gave some of the most memorable experiences of my life. A vehicle rental company took me out on a scenic drive through the countryside's winding, narrow roads, where I was entranced by the old stone walls that had survived from ancient times. The views of the coastline were breathtaking, and the architecture in these towns and in the villages that dot the countryside was as impressive as it was in the cities. My holiday in Italy was full of priceless treasures in the form of sights, sounds, and people. Without a doubt, the cuisine was outstanding, with rich olive oils and delicious fish.

All of these day journeys to sites like Tarent and Gallipoli, as well as many more destinations in between, were made possible by my little vacation rental home in Urmo Belsito, near the city of Avetrana. It was a true blessing to have it as my "home base." After a long, busy day of touring in Italy, I was able to unwind at this little cottage in the countryside. Every convenience, such as a washer, refrigerator, and stove allowed me to save money when I wanted to do laundry or make a home-cooked dinner for myself and my family. It felt like a second home away from home! In order to have a wonderful holiday in Italy, I recommend traveling to the southeast area of Apulien and staying in one of the charming vacation rental villas in the village of Urmo Belsito, in the province of Avetrana. You'll be pleased you took the time to read this!

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